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What You Should Consider In A Startup Logo Design?

If your company is just starting out in the industry, you really ought to get noticed. That's why you have to create a banging startup logo design to stand out.

When you are just starting out in the industry—no matter what kind of industry—you need to stand out.

But how can a startup stand out?

There are the usual suspects—have a unique product or concept or have a viral marketing campaign.

Or you can just create a standout startup logo design.

What makes a startup logo design stand out?

What makes anything stand out in general? The easiest answer to that is anything beautiful usually stands out.

It’s worth noting, though, that beauty is subjective. But there are generic attributes that generally add beauty to anything.

One such thing is neatness.

That will also apply to logos. A logo can be put on anything. It’s important that it still looks like the logo that it was meant to be even when it is imprinted on a very small item like a button.

Why should a logo be in a button? The correct answer is—why not? It’s not about the button per se, but about the versatility of a logo.

A neat logo will be able to shine through whether it is placed on a small material or not.

Neatness means there is no clutter in the design. Leave out unnecessary matters.

Here are some important matters to consider when creating a great startup logo design:

Significant to the brand

Now, you can’t just use bright colors because you are taught that they are attractive. These colors should also be significant to the brand.

Let’s look at one of the most recognizable brands in the world: McDonald’s. That M on a red background can be identified even from a mile away. That’s how popular this logo is.

Would it have worked if the color combination were black and pink?

There is a significant reason why the red-and-yellow combination works for McDonald’s. Individually, they are bright colors that attract. Together, they make a powerful statement.

Red, in the context of food, represents hunger. Yellow, on the other hand, means happiness. Together, they represent speed.

What kind of a restaurant is McDonald’s? A fast-food restaurant! See how that worked?

Also, what is one of the most popular food items on the McDonald’s menu? French fries! And they are the color of yellow.

The logo, too, should be significant to the brand.

Going by the McDonald’s example, the M is actually a combination of two arches. The original McDonald’s store had two arches.

In other words, the logo is also representative of the brand’s architecture—at least the original one.

You need to put a lot of thought into creating a logo.


An attractive person stands out, right?

Well, a logo design is just the same thing. But going back to the notion of beauty being subjective, there are other ways to be attractive.

The use of bright colors, for example, is going to be a key element in your design. Bright colors always catch attention.

Do you notice that a lot of brands use the color red? Because red is fiery and passionate. It’s truly a great representation of a brand.

Speaking of colors, if you have to use two tones or multiple colors, make sure these colors don’t clash. They should all jive together.


You’re familiar with the meaning of the acronym K.I.S.S., right? If not, then let me spell it out for you: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Yep! Simplicity works in the logo.

Imagine the most popular logos in the world. They are also the simplest.

We’ve already tackled McDonald’s. There is nothing complex about that logo. It’s a red background with a yellow M. That’s it!

Nike has perhaps the simplest logo in the world. It’s just a check mark. That check mark is known as the Swoosh.

Nike manufactures and sells athletic wear. The Swoosh also indicates motion and speed, which are two things important to an athlete or someone athletic.

How does the Swoosh denote motion and speed? Because the word swoosh pertains to the sound a sudden gush of air or liquid makes.

It’s such a simple logo that only consists of two strokes but it carries so much weight.

There’s more to the story behind the Nike logo, too. In Greek mythology, Nike is a goddess of victory. She sports a pair of wings, too.

You see how well thought out the Swoosh is? It also represents victory and flight just as the goddess Nike embodied those words.

Know that you can tell a story despite the simplicity of the logo. It’s all about creativity.


A simple logo becomes something creative when it carries a touching story with it. Or if it is completely representative of the brand.

Cue the Beats brand.

Beats Electronics is an American audio products manufacturer. Popular rapper and music producer Dr. Dre founded the brand.

Its logo seems simple enough: a lowercase b within a red circle (sometimes the colors are flipped with the b in red and the circle is white).

When you look really hard, you will soon realize that the circle is a head and the b is half a headphone.

Astonishing, right?

Always strive to be that creative when you create your startup logo design.

Amazon is another creatively designed logo that is also so simple. It’s just the brand name in lower case with a curved arrow that goes from a to z.

You read that right! It goes from A to Z. That is truly representative of the brand. It can deliver anything from A to Z, and everything in between, right at your front door.

Not only that, the arrow also looks like a smile. That was intentional because the brand wants to make people smile especially when they receive their delivery from Amazon.

Logo that is meaningful

Based on the above examples, simplicity truly works. But the process of creating something simple yet meaningful is the hard part.

The logo is the visual representation of the brand. Sometimes, you might not have the space to write the entire name of your company, a logo will suffice.

Since that logo will represent your brand for a long time—that’s the goal at least—then it should be something that you want to see all the time.

It should also be something that people want to see all the time. That’s why it also helps when you get professionals to do this kind of work.