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How To Find Web Developers Online?

The coronavirus pandemic has heightened the importance of having a website and a website app to purchase items. So how do you find web developers?

It’s been eight months of battling COVID-19 in the majority of the countries in the world. In China, it started in December 2019. The SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the coronavirus disease 2019, originated in China, but it quickly spread like wildfire. It was eventually declared as a pandemic. By March, dozens of countries have already enforced lockdowns to force people to stay at home. Businesses were closed except for essentials. Some may argue that food is essential, but even restaurants were compelled to shut down.

With so many businesses forced to shut down their stores, people lost jobs. If they don’t have jobs, they don’t have anything to eat. This is why keeping the company at bay is essential. It is not just for the business’s sakes, but it is also for the employees of that business. So, there should be a way to provide mutual benefits (for the employers and the employees). Read this entire blog post as it tries to tell you how to keep at bay. Adaptation is very important in a sense.

Pandemic and the economy

With the pandemic, though, even if most countries have already opened their economies, some people still have the COVID-19 stigma as there is still no vaccine for this novel disease. People with underlying conditions cannot risk going out because they will be badly affected by the virus. Most people who died from coronavirus were those who have preexisting conditions.

Now, many businesses had the foresight to start a website. But in most cases, it was more to allow people to get to know their company. It was also a way for would-be customers to browse the website and see what the business has to offer. If you are one of those businesses who didn’t have a website, or maybe you have a website but you just don’t have a way for people to purchase your product or service online, then here’s what you need: a web developer.

How to find web developers?

A web developer, obviously, will be responsible for creating your website. If you already have a website, they will help make a web application where customers can order your products or services online. This is why you can’t just hire the first web developer you find. The developer should have qualities and experiences that could provide you with what you need.

Yes, a web developer is a partner. That’s why you should find web developers that would match your needs. As we mentioned earlier, you ask your friends for recommendations. FRIENDS—with an s. That means you also get a number of web developers in your radar.

But where can you find web developers?

There are so many ways to find them. Let’s start with the easiest. You can ask fellow business owners, who you also consider as friends, for recommendations. Make sure you trust the person who gave you the recommendation. As mentioned, just because you already have a name of a web developer, it doesn’t mean that you already found your partner.

What should you do next?

Check out each web developer’s portfolio. A web developer is any other creative person, you have to find someone that can really cater to your needs. Think of an artist. If you want a happy painting, you don’t go to the guy who makes gory creations. You find the artist that is fond of colors and really happy outputs.

It’s the same with wanting to have your own website. While you should give the web developer the autonomy to be creative with the website, it should still reflect what you want and what you need. It should also be reflective of your business. Since the business is already known to the community, the website shouldn’t drive away from that. If the web developer wants to improve the design of the store, that should be warranted. But don’t allow them to lose the store’s identity for the sake of creativity.


Moving on, you can also find web developers online. Hiring a web developer is quite easy nowadays. There are so many sites that have listed the best web developers in your area. Sometimes, it’s better to get a recommendation from a third party than a fellow business owner or a friend.

A fellow business owner may be biased toward the web developer that created their website. A friend may be partial to another friend who knows web development. But when you go to a website to find web developers, you get reviews from people who are not associated with you.
You know what’s really great about looking for web developers online? There are filters that allow you to find the one that you are looking for. It’s like a personalized search engine. The website might ask you a few questions so it knows what you need. After that, through the system’s algorithm you will be given a list of web developers that can help you out with creating a website or a web app. The list would be rather personalized.

Of course, you also need to do your due diligence. You can’t just accept the reviews at face value. You know, some of these could be the developer’s friends, which is why you get glowing reviews. Or maybe the developer themself created the positive reviews. On the other hand, the negative comments may come from an adversary or competitor. Just take the reviews with a grain of salt and do your own research about the developer’s outputs.

Here are some of the best websites to find web developers:

GitHub Jobs

This is perfect for businesses wanting an e-commerce website. The experts are on this website. The job boards on this site are also specific. This way, you can really find the one that will best fit your needs. You know how many freelance developers have been attracted to this website? Millions! That’s not an exaggeration.


This website has a list of freelancers that do different specialized web development tasks. This site is actually quite expansive now that it includes financial experts and designers in its pool. However, it has proven to have the best pool of software development freelancers and other related web development jobs.

Are you looking for a front-end developer? Then this site is the best place to find one. You want a front-end developer so that you can have an intuitive site that can really help you with conversion. This means getting a website that is fast and highly functional.


This is really a repository of jobs and freelancers. There are so many jobs listed here. According to data, this site has 12 million contractors. Astonishing, right? But that’s the truth. Of course, you just have to specify what you need when you go to this site because of the wide range of tasks available in this site.


You don’t need to give up. Life is about fighting and fighting. In the same context, you should fight for your business to still grow and succeed despite any situation. By doing this, you are not just saving your own life but you’re also saving the lives of your employees.


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