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Web Design Company San Francisco Reveals Common Web Design Mistakes Businesses Must Avoid

Knowing what mistakes to avoid in designing websites is important. Seek the help of web design company San Francisco now.


A website represents your business online. With it, your business appears more professional and established. But it is important to have a well-designed site because it can attract and impress a lot of potential customers. That is why website designing has been considered as a marketing tool that adds value to your brand’s online presence. Your biz site promotes brand awareness and recognition, and in effect, provides excellent customer services and thereby increases sales.


A well-designed site should be aligned with the business’ goals and objectives to achieve success. Its main goal is to improve customer interactions and engagements. Alongside, it is important to deliver relevant content to establish customer’s trust.


But what happens if customers’ expectations aren’t met because of a poorly designed website? Remember that the website has to be created to satisfy them. Customers play an important role in business growth. If the potential customers and target audiences find your website reasonable enough for them to stay longer and engage, there’s high hope that they might be converted into loyal consumers. They may keep coming back for more. They will never get enough of your offered products and services. Eventually, the customers will convince others to join and interact with the site as well.


In business, all that matters is the experience of the customers. Hence, we have listed a few mistakes below that you need to avoid when designing a biz website. Pretty much obvious, hiring a web design company San Francisco helps you establish a highly converting website.

Non-engaging web design


As mentioned above, the customers are important and play an essential role for you to achieve business success. That goes the same with your target audiences too because they can be converted into loyal customers in the long run. But only if you can satisfy their needs.


Ignoring them makes you lose the opportunity to attract a wider audience. The target audience most likely will purchase products and services out of attraction. They will be able to help in developing effective marketing communication by reaching out to other audiences that share common desires with them.


So, make sure that your business website is designed specifically to cater to the needs and wants of both existing and target customers. Let the first-timers users feel that your website can easily be accessed when they go exploring on the web pages. By this process, you can cause a user-friendly experience.

Cluttered homepage layout


The homepage is the most important page of your entire web page structure. It is the very first page the visitors will see when they visit your site. If you want those visitors to engage longer and browse through every web page, make sure that your homepage is appealing. A cluttered web layout makes the homepage confusing. The tons of unnecessary things should therefore be avoided because they can make them decide to leave the site.


Simplicity is more important in your design. It can greatly help the visitors when they get the information they need. Avoid making the homepage look chaotic with too many images, texts and unfriendly fonts.

Upsetting web pages navigation


The dropdowns on the web pages should not be annoying. Avoid inaccurate navigation titles so that your customers and visitors won't have a hard time figuring out how to navigate the site to search for information they need.


If the buttons are not visible and the links are hard to find, they can have an unfavorable impact. Don’t make this simple mistake to avoid frustrating the customers. Make all the navigation features clickable and accurate as much as possible.


Don’t make the navigation buttons too flashy by adding loud sounds and too many images. Web navigation requires common sense and simple logic. Make sure that the navigation bars are easy to use and that they’re intuitive. The keys must be aligned according to your website’s theme to make it look more professional.


If you want a more professional looking business website, let a web design agency San Francisco help you because they have experts who can develop a well-designed website for your business.

Confusing overall interface


The excessive web designs can make your site very confusing. Other websites have different layouts and themes depending on the focus of their business and on the findings from UX research. Don’t make a confusing interface because it may cause confusion to customers and frustration to visitors. If the interface of your website is inconsistent, the visitors will not be able to understand it. Moreover, they will not be able to follow where to go next. So, it is much ideal if your website is designed with a simple template where links are properly connected to the main section for better navigation and consistency.


Remember that websites that are poorly designed are unattractive at all. If your contents, links and graphics are scattered all over the place, they make your website incomprehensible and unclear. Make sure to avoid a complicated interface so that you can convert more customers from visitors.

Poor screen resolution


Modern websites nowadays are designed to fit on mobile. Since the birth of smartphones, iPads and tablets, the expert web designers have made it possible for the users to access the site using their mobile devices. As more and more people are now using their phones to purchase and engage with any business online, more designers develop websites that fit on all screen sizes.


Poor screen resolution can be unfavorable because the users will have to adjust to what they see. This can be very annoying and would drive the visitors away. If you come across a site that has poor resolution, for example, the tendency is you will be scrolling horizontally just to be able to view the contents. So, avoid a site that has a poor screen resolution.

No CTA buttons and links


The call-to-action buttons are important in every website especially if your main goal is to increase sales and attract more buying customers. This is the part of your biz website where customers sign-in and register in a contact form. This is the site section where the users are encouraged to follow, subscribe and/or download free materials from your website. The use of clickable buttons and links is important in this sense. They usually prompt the visitors to act and drive them to become regular customers.

Non-relevant and ‘super thin’ web contents


Lastly, avoid publishing irrelevant and thin content on your website. It is going to drop you down at the bottom of the search engine rankings. Take note that your content is what drives traffic and boosts your ranking on the different search engines. So, the success of a website also depends on how the content is created and structured.


The advice here is you have to organize the web content pages well and make sure they’re always consistent and updated. Creating valuable content for your website is important for marketing. Remember that it is part of your business campaign to provide vital information to customers and visitors. By this way, you can drive them to make clever purchasing decisions that are favorable to your brand.



Web design has become an integral part of doing business. Why is it so? Because online presence is a must nowadays. If your brand can’t be searched on the web, then it is impossible to attract many customers. That is why there is a need to hire a web design company San Francisco due to this felt need. Your website undoubtedly represents your business. Any smallest mistake to be committed may ruin it. So, be very careful and let your potential customers be assured that their experience is going to be great and exemplary.